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The Online Application facility for Admissions is available for all incoming NEW Students who are eligible for admissions to their respective grade level or degree program as stipulated in the eligibility rules for admissions of SSC Manila.

Individuals applying as transferees, foreign students, and those applying for Graduate School and Cognate programs would have to use the on-site application procedure as these applicants require the submission of their transcript of records for initial evaluation of eligibility for admissions.

Individuals applying for the Performing Arts Music Track in the Senior High School and those applying for programs under the School of Music are likewise instructed to use the on-site application procedure as these applicants need to undergo and pass an audition test before they can proceed with their application.

Kindly refer to this link for further details:

The following are the online application procedures for incoming NEW Students:

Step 1: Log-on to www.ssc.edu.ph and click the on-line application button located at the upper right side of the home page screen.

Step 2: COMPLETION OF THE DATA PRIVACY CONSENT FORM: Before you begin with the application, you will be instructed to read and comply with SSC's Data Privacy Consent Form that outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of information that you have and will be submitting to the Admissions Office as part of your application requirements.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE DATA PRIVACY STATEMENT BEFORE CLICKING the "I agree." button. Also, you are required to print the downloadable form and have this accomplished as this will be a required document during your entrance examinations.

Step 3: COMPLETION OF PRIMARY INFORMATION FOR ADMISSIONS: Once you have successfully complied with the completion of the Data Privacy Consent Form, you will be instructed to provide information to start the application process. Read the instructions and complete the primary information needed for online registration for admissions examination.

Step 4: PAYMENT OF APPLICATION AND EXAMINATION FEE: You will be receiving an email that will be sent through the registered email address you have provided to our system that will explain to you the procedures for the payment of the Php200.00 application fee.

Step 5: SCHEDULING OF EXAMINATION DATE: Once the proof of payment has been confirmed, you will receive a link where you will enter your information regarding your preferred date of examination. After choosing the date and upon confirmation of the availability of slots, use the link provided and print your exam permit.

Step 6: PRINTING OF EXAM PERMIT AND DOWNLOADING OF APPLICATION FORM AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: After the confirmation of your examination date, you will then be prompted to a link that will allow you to update and complete your information and download the full application form. Read the instructions carefully and provide all the information needed to complete your application form.

Once completed and submitted, you will then be prompted to a link that would allow you to print your Examination Permit. YOU MUST BRING THIS PERMIT together with the following requirements: (1) signed DATA PRIVACY CONSENT FORM, (2) THREE (3) SSC RECOMMENDATION FORMS, (3) CERTIFICATE OF GOOD MORAL CHARACTER issued by the Prefect of Discipline, and (4) COPY OF YOUR LATEST GRADES on the day of your confirmed schedule for examination.

Step 7: SCHEDULING OF ADMISSIONS INTERVIEW: Once you have completed the admissions evaluation, you will be receiving a notice through your registered email address regarding the schedule of your Admissions Interview.

Please take note of your interview date and time as well as the needed documents that are listed on the notice sent to you by the Admissions Office. You need to complete and bring the required documents on the day of the scheduled interview.

Step 8: CONFIRMATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSIONS: You will be receiving a notice of eligibility for admissions after the evaluation of your performance in all the application stages for admissions. Together with this notice would be the final procedures for confirmation and full acceptance to your grade/year level/degree program.